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Boxing Up A Life



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I am in the middle of recategorizing all my writing for the imminent launch of my new blog (Thank you Miz Bad Dog Design!).

We are trying to keep it pretty basic with only four boxes to shoehorn in all my previous posts (not that I’m panicking, but there are approximately 900 + to file). However, I’m still not completely sure if these are the right ways to organize my writing.

Here are the four we’ve come up with…

Spirituality, Creativity, Travel & Random Observations

Under Spirituality, I have posts about the meditation, Mennonites, religion, aging, dying, depression, healthy living, wellness, happiness and relaxation.



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Within Creativity,  I have posts about painting, collage, writing, reading, cooking, recipes, poetry, photography, art.

Travel is sort of obvious, but I’ve included hiking, trips, cycling, food, restaurants, Vancouver-stuff, packing, carry-on ideas, jet-lag info.

Random Observations is pretty much everything else that defies being stuffed in the three preceding boxes; topics like downsizing, decluttering, moving and anything suitably random-ish (like this particular post you’re reading right now – most definitely in the random category).

There will still be the Guest Posts page, but that one is obvious and easy.

I’ve reclassified about 20% of the posts so far and it’s quite apparent that spirituality is the top grouping (Yikes! With apologies…apparently depression is one of my favourite topics).

But now I’m wondering if spirituality is the right way to organize these pieces?

Other ways to title these topics might include Life, Living Well, Authentic Life?

Then again, maybe Spirituality IS the right word???

Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Clearly I need help.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, on my FB page, in an email, tweet, smoke signals, phone call or instagram.


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What Would Moses Do?


Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...

Moses –  Rembrandt  (Wikipedia)


“There is a lovely Talmudic story that when the the Children of Israel reached the Red Sea, and Moses struck his staff on the shore, the waters of the sea did not part to let them through. The Israelites stood there at the edge of the water and nothing happened until one of the men plunged in. Then the waters rolled back.” - from A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L’Engle

Many, many years ago I went to a Quaker Meeting. I followed the directions to a remote home in the dripping cedary woods of Roberts Creek. There were only two other people in the house. She was named Hillary. He was named Clinton. I did not catch the irony of that combo until I got home to tell Kevin and Cory about my first, and so far, last, Quaker meeting. I had been hoping for a little more annonymity, a way of absorbing silence and energy while being lost in a group. Yes, well…another time perhaps.

I’m sure most people would describe me as an extrovert. This might even be true. But I also crave silence.  More and more I am drawn to cave time, meditation, time alone with my thoughts, quietude where I can reflect and ponder.

Which, rather ironically, brings me to MeetUp groups.  I just came back from my second Friday MeetUp at The Grind. We meet in the back of the coffee shop near Main Street and King Edward.  I don’t remember many of the names…maybe a Linda, perhaps a Jean or Jan?

But here’s what I love:

We meet at 9:30. We sit with our laptops, our notes, our pens and our coffees and write. There is no chatter. There is nothing but the steady buzz of the other conversations from the front of the cafe, the background of classical music, the smell of coffee and the ting of the occasional fork against a plate. At 11:30, it’s over. I say thank you and leave.

Best of all, I am there in a blocked out space of time.  I have finally plunged into that frothing sea of avoidance that had seemed impassable. It has parted. I am writing again.

It is divine.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu


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