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You Know You’re On A Road Trip When…


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You know you’re on a Canadian road trip when your first stop is The Hortons.

We left home around 8 am and by 9 ish we’d reached Abbotsford. There were two things to do; get cheap gas and stop at Tim Hortons.

Kathy Mawbey’s name tag declared that she was ‘in-training’. But if that was the case, she’d had helluva long training period. She was efficient, polite and an endlessly good sport about my need to take her photo.

Kathy Mawbey - Colleen Friesen

I ordered the glazed cinnamon roll, ever hopeful that my pre-departure kale/blueberry/banana/chia smoothie had prepped my arteries to receive the decadent heart-stopping dough ball. Besides, the caffeine in my coffee (admittedly with double cream) was bound help keep me jangled enough to burn any extra calories.

I don’t want to judge here, but Kevin’s order of the Boston Creme and Honey Cruller with his coffee (yes, yes his was only a single cream) seemed a tad excessive…especially given that he had no kale in his blood to offset the goo factor. I don’t want to compete in that old game of who’s healthier. No really. No need to feel self-righteous at all. I’m just reporting it like I see it.

But here’s the best part (Mennonite Cheapness Alert!)  For only $5.83 we got three sugary lip-smacking snacks and two coffees. And truly, if you can’t indulge on a road trip, then what’s the point of going?


Receipt - Colleen Friesen


And now? While Kevin drives, I’ll set up this post, lick the last of the cinnamony glazey bits off my fingers,  grab my weights and keep myself amused in the passenger seat. After that I’ll read, beg for another rest stop, rummage through all the crap in the back seat (love all the stuff I can throw in on a road trip. No carry-on bag here!)  do some stretches and maybe nap….a girl’s gotta do something to keep herself amused when the road stretches ahead for over 18 hours of driving before we hit ToonTown.

We’ve just passed Ten Mile Creek, heading through the green/blue forest on the Coquihalla Highway. It’s all deep mountain forests, rocky banks holding rushing clear waters and fluffy white clouds as far as I can see.

Hopefully, we’ll be through all this purple mountain majesty stuff soon. Because that means there’ll be another Hortons ahead…and on a road trip, well, that’s just what we do.






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  1. Elinor Warkentin says:

    Your blog is entertaining as always. It’s not everyone who can make Timmie’s look appealing to me.
    I can totally picture you in the front seat and would love to be going to ToonTown too, as my niece moved there. Keep your eye open for clutter, (now that you are an expert) and tell them all about me.

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