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Sometimes all I need is a friendly intervention…it’s so much more pleasant than a cuff up the head.

Elinor Warkentin runs Goodbye Clutter. We cyber-met last January when she commented on my blog. I immediately checked out this new commenter and discovered two salient facts;

a) she lives in Vancouver and b), she has a Mennonite background.


Mennonite Mission Sunday School

Mennonite Mission Sunday School


We started emailing, met for coffee and bam! new friend alert!

We haven’t been able to coordinate our schedules to meet that often – I’m either out of the country or she’s doing a half-marathon in France or something, but she has been following my rather public unraveling about our pending move.

As you can see by her text message, she decided to take decisive action. Her timing was perfect. We had just come back from making an offer on a small apartment and were looking at the new floor plan while measuring various pieces of furniture (with some trepidation on my part, though I should clarify that Mr. Redl is cool as a cucumber with this whole thing…)

With only a quick walkabout in our current apartment, a few strategic questions and some well-placed glasses of wine…Voila! I feel like I’m on top of this thing.

In fact, I’m excited about the pending purge in a way I wouldn’t have imagined possible.

We need to be out of here before the end of July. Today, that feels like a completely achievable and easy event.

Now I just need to get her over to Sechelt to attack that over flowing basement (maybe I should mention that we have a rather large wine cellar over there?)

Thank you Elinor!










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4 Responses
  1. Martha says:

    Wow — you’ve sold and found a new place all within a month! Which part of the city and will you be on the Canada Line for your frequent trips?

  2. Colleen Friesen says:

    Hey Martha…we’ve sold TWO places and found a new place. Yehaw!
    If it all goes according to plan, we’ll be very handy to the Canada Line, in the Village at False Creek. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Elinor Warkentin says:

    That is so sweet! I love it when I can have a positive effect on others.
    By the way, that picture looks a lot like growing up. Some day we’ll talk Sunday School, but that might need a bottle of wine, not a glass. :-)

  4. Colleen Friesen says:

    Elinor, you certainly helped me, especially with the patio plan :)
    And yes, I mentioned the wine cellar in Sechelt? That might be the best way to start talking about Sunday School.

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