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Eating at D D Mau in Vancouver

“I had the best sandwich of my life,” said Yvonne, “and I don’t even like sandwiches!”

Here’s what I know for sure: I trust my friend’s thoughts on food. Yvonne is a foodie extraordinare.

Now. She will probably deny this.

But know this. She whips together inventive and amazing dishes, and when complimented, she flips her hand as if to erase the comment from the air, and then says something dismissive like, “Oh, it’s nothing. I just threw some ingredients together.”

To me, this would be like complimenting Pablo Picasso on one of his drawings, “Oh,” he’d say (if, for instance, he was channeling Yvonne), “It’s nothing. Just a couple of lines I threw on a page.”

You see what I mean?


If Yvonne tells me it was the best sandwich ever…then off I go.

Last night I walked a block or so down Pacific Boulevard and walked in to D D Mau.

They had a crispy pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) on special.

It really was the best sandwich ever!  Bright crispy notes, crackling bits of pork, a fabulous soft, yet chewy baguette, and oh my, though it looked rather large, I managed to lick the brown paper clean.

I went back today to talk to the owner. Her name is Kim Tran. She owns the place with her brother Kon from Edmonton, as well as her sister and brother-in-law from San Diego. I learned that the restaurant name DD Mau is an abbreviated version of the Vietnamese saying Di di Mau, which means Go go fast.

A rather apropos name for a takeout/eat-in snackery, non?

If you’re anywhere near Vancouver’s Yaletown, I would suggest you di di mau yourself over to DD Mau.

Tell them Yvonne sent you.

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2 Responses
  1. Karen Gamble says:

    Thank you Colleen! I’ve been looking for a restaurant that serves Bahn Mi – I have yet to taste one but a Foodie Magazine mentioned this as the next food rave. And of course Saskatoon needs to know!! Now maybe I can convince my Vietnamese friends to serve one. You may have changed the “Taste of Saskatchewan” forever. And THAT’s another reason to BLOG! Way to go.

  2. Colleen Friesen says:

    That’s awesome Karen. Isn’t it funny how ideas, things you’ve read, thought about all converge?
    You’re right that Saskatoon needs bahn mi, because after having that taste sensation, I’m convinced that everyone/everywhere needs to taste them. Hope you get it happening, as I plan on visiting Saskatoon more than ever :)

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