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New Year’s Resolutions – Embracing the Light


Looking Up

The Love Religion

The inner space inside

that we call the heart

has become many different living scenes and stories.

A pasture for sleek gazelles,

a monastery for Christian monks,

a temple with Shiva dancing,

a kaaba for pilgrimage.

The tables of Moses are there,

the Qur’an, the Vedas,

the sutras, and the gospels.

Love is the religion in me.

Whichever way love’s camel goes,

that way becomes my faith,

the source of beauty, and a light

of sacredness over everything.

-Ibn Arabi

It’s going to be a brand New Year in just a short while.  In keeping with that theme, I found a great idea on the Brightside Blog. The article suggests looking over the last year and making an I-did-it list, instead of the usual I’m-going-to-do-it resolutions.

This strikes me as a great start, though my husband would probably say it’s rather akin to my need to write something on my to-do list even if I’ve already done it – just for the sheer pleasure of crossing it off. But hey! Is that so wrong?

In thinking about things I’d done and accomplished, I started thinking about my nearly finished e-book. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to have to be on the resolutions for 2011 list…though it almost squeaked onto the I-did-it list…

It got me thinking about the name of my blog, and this infamous soon-to-be-published ebook, both of which will be called Traveling Light. It seems I picked the name without realizing all the layers of meaning. more »

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